Our Produce

Our Produce


Our beef is hung for 3 weeks before being butchered to make sure the produce is tender and full of taste. We make 5 and 10 kilo mixed boxes of steaks, roasts and other delicious cuts.

The mixed boxes are pre-ordered, organic minced meat is sold separately from the mixed boxes

Prices and Availability

Product Price € TTC Availability
Beef 5 Kilo mixed pack 18,50€/ kilo, 10 Kilo mixed pack and above 17,50€/kilo spring 2024
Veau 5 Kilo mixed pack - 18,50€/Kg
10 Kilo mixed pack and above - 17,50€/ kilo
spring 2024

TVA is 5,5%

If you would like more information concerning our produce please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below or call us on: (Intl ++

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