A Year on the Farm

A Year on the Farm

Whatever the time of year there is always plenty to do at La Singlarie as the natural rhythm of the farm follows the seasonal changes. We hope that this snap shot of a Year on the Farm helps gives you an idea of what we get up to:


Our winter routine of animal feeding comes to an end, guests start arriving in our gites, everyone enjoys some kinder weather and life starting to burst through - but so does some hard work!

  • cows in the field
    ...and fresh spring grass
  • moving the cows
    Some of the cattle take a trip to more distant fields....
  • cleaning out the hangar
    Winter quarters are cleaned out
  • the vegetable garden
    Lots of effort organising the vegetable garden...
  • he vegetable garden
    ...digging, tilling and planting...
  • Wild visitors set up home outside
  • and in our workshop
  • Chicks get to know the world
  • ...and ducklings start their mischief!
  • Miss Fatty gets ready for warmer months....
  • ...and looks half her usual size!


Our gites are fully rented out and some of the big jobs like hay making get under way - early hard work starts to bear fruit (or is that veg!)

  • fruit and vegetables
    All the hard work in the vegetable garden pays off...
  • vegetable patch
    but a lot of work weeding and watering to keep it in shape
  • ducks
    The ducks get bigger every day.
  • chickens
    the chickens too
  • hay cutting
    Hay making starts in June
  • hay bailing
    We make about 40 tons each year
  • stocking the hay
    which we store as feed for the cattle during autumn, winter and early spring
  • farm kitten
    Tempête our second farm cat makes his first appearance during a summer storm
  • moving the cows
    The cattle move to fresh pasture
  • farm produce
    And the produce keeps coming


There's a lot of tidying up to do and work to maintain and improve the farm's infrastructure, guests enjoy the seasonal tranquillity - calving starts and makes it all worth while.

  • making a shelter
    A new shelter is needed for the farm machines
  • covering the shelter
    nearly there!
  • fire wood
    Firewood that has seasoned outside for 2 years is stacked inside
  • pumpkins
    Pumpkins and squash are ready to gather and store
  • rosehips
    Wild rosehips are gathered
  • and made into syrup - great on porridge and for sore joints!
  • calving
    The cattle start calving
  • calving
    Some calves need more help than others to find their first meal
  • wood mangament
    It's tidy up time around the farm
  • wood cutting
    and in the woods
  • apple pressing at Najac
    The annual apple pressing at Najac is a community event
  • farm kitten
    Tempête is finding his feet (and the mice!)
  • Ecocert visit
    ECOCERT pay a visit to check our organic credentials
  • the herd
    And the cattle at our furthest fields make a return to base


As the days draw in our winter feeding routine for the animals dominates early morning and evenings, the woodland demands attention, good work when it is chilly!

  • cows
    The cattle voluntarily come in twice a day for to to be fed their hay
  • herd of cows
    But they like to get outside when they have finished, even if it is a bit chilly!
  • buying in straw
    We buy straw in for bedding for all the animals
  • cleaning the hangar
    The weekly clean out of the cattle shed produces the manure to be spread on the fields the following year
  • coppicing the woods
    We start coppicing the woods
  • making fence posts
    to make fence posts for us and to sell
  • fence posts
    The finished articles
  • chopping wood
    Bigger trees are cut into logs aand chopped for firewood
  • donkeys
    Bambou and Vanille have grown winter coats
  • donkeys
    and get a pedicure
  • the farm in winter
    For a day at least, it's a bit quieter on the farm